Monday, October 12, 2015

Parent Pick Up/ Drop Off location has changed

All parents are asked to pick up their children on the West Side of the school (the gym side) this year.  Please do not use the East Entrance to pick up or drop off.  We are trying to limit the number of cars in our student lot.  The inexperienced drivers do not need the extra traffic.  Thanks!

Please Sign Up for Mr. Watson's Remind

If you want to keep up with all current events and the latest announcements from Me, please sign up for my Reminders.

Text:: @thepointpr

to:   917-746-3090

Red Zones and Green Zones

We have a new phone policy this year that we are implementing.  Red Zone and Green Zone.  The students are allowed to use their phones through out the day in all non-academic areas, Green Zones.  The students are not allowed to use their phones in Academic Areas, Red Zones.  So far the practice has been received very well.